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Thread: Sound but no Picture (Again)

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    Default Sound but no Picture (Again)

    I have downloaded some Polish avis. I believe the original source was TVN a Polish TV station. They all play perfectly on the computer but some of them will not play on either of my two DIVX players, although the sound is there. They are not DRM protected.

    I have tried re-encoding them (full processing mode)
    Changing from xvid to divx
    Creating an mpg and re-encoding that to xvid

    All the resulting files are just like the originals - play on the computer but not on the Divx machines.

    Has anyone any ideas?

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    Try converting them to standard VideoCD to try it out on your DivX player... they should work as DivX 5 and 6 so I don't know what's the problem with that device.

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