Tools for Large File Transfer

I have summarized the tools for large files transfer,and would like to share it with everyone.
a)It can transfer less than 900KB files by free email boxes.Because it mayn't exceed 1MB for a single email. The email size are also restricted by the size of email box for registered emails. You can use web space for transfering 10MB files. For example, needing a 10MB files to transfer to others.The operations are as follows:\
to put a large file named xyz.exe into a website's catalogue(such as then tell the other party the catalogue and file name. and he will download the files to his own hard disk by inputting into the browser address box.
b) Utilize transfering function of the email. It is said by QQ that it can transfer mails over 1G, but it ofen fails when the files are larger than 10M.
c)The most popular tools for transfering large files overseas are Pando and YouSendIt. The common feature of the two tools is that the speed is too slow across transnational transfer, which can't solve the speed of transnational transfer. "Black horse" Kudaa developed in 2007, totally solves the problem of transnational speed, it's the first choice of transnational transfer tools.Its website is:
d)Use instantaneous communication software, it requires both parties are on line at the same time,which is the supreme limitations.Furthermore, it has a problem of slow transfer speed.
e) Kudaa can solve the problem of slow transfer speed. you can transfer large files off line. it's the fastest transfer tool in the world at present. You can visit Kudaa website: to download Kudaa to transfer files quickly. This software has the feature of easy use,high transfer efficiency, and it has become the choice