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Thread: Nielsen VideoScan/Home Media Magazine: Blu-ray/DVD/HD DVD Stats (Updated Weekly)

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    Default Nielsen VideoScan/Home Media Magazine: Blu-ray/DVD/HD DVD Stats (Updated Weekly)

    I'm going to use this thread to post stats from Home Media Magazine, which are published in the free digital edition of the magazine with polling conducted by Nielsen VideoScan. Here's the list of links to archived editions of the digital magazine:

    (not updated with latest links though)


    Ok, for the week ending 6th April 2008, here are the stats:

    Blu-ray vs DVD: 4% vs 96% (comparison of top 20 titles by volume)
    Blu-ray vs HD DVD: 64% vs 36% (67% vs 33% since inception)

    A big comeback for HD DVD for some reason, or perhaps a big drop for Blu-ray (Blu-ray had 8% against DVD last week, compared to only 4% this week).

    You can read the latest digital edition of HMM with the above stats here:
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