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Thread: Grand Theft stabbing

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    Default Grand Theft stabbing

    A man was stabbed in the town centre of Croydon last night at the opening of the new controversial video game Grand Theft Auto 4.

    -- snip --

    It is believed some people in the queue thought the stabbing was a stunt and part of a show put on by Gamestation staff.

    But they realised he was not an actor when four police cars and a van screeched up to the store.

    There are some really crazy people out there ...

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    Default wow

    That's the kind of crap that will get people saying that this game is making monsters out of America's youth.

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    is everything!


    Not just America. This Croydon is in the UK.

    And the youth do alright at making monsters out of themselves. They don't need GTA.


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    All my friends got GTA and tell me how awesome it is... I just use the excuse "I only have a Wii" (it's true BTW) for why I don't have GTA... but I seriously don't want a game where you just kill people for no apparent reason... Super Smash Bros. is one thing but there's a limit to how much pointless violence I will endorse.
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    The game is not about killing people for no good reason though. You could actually play the whole game without killing many people at all, probably only the "bad guys" in the movie. But then again, you could declare WWIII on the imitation of New York that is Liberty City.

    I would like to think of GTA IV as more of a city simulator, with a lot of humour, parody, cynicism and politics thrown in (the Patriot Act becomes the "Jingoism Act", and watch the "Republican Space Rangers" on the in-game TV which parodies the situation in Iraq). That's the part I've always liked about GTA. It's like the movie Starship Troopers, which people say is just a violent action movie, but there's a lot more to that movie than people realise in the political undertones that it tries to criticize.

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