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Thread: Will not load

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    Unhappy-2 Will not load

    Hi friends,
    i am new to this so i apologise in advance if you have had this question before. I previously downloaded dvd flick and it worked fine, then to my horror a young family member deleted certain programs off my pc somehow?. Anyway i've download dvd flick again but when i click on it to load it the message " An error occured during startup.Number53 from prjDVDFlick:File not found" comes up and i can not start the program??? How do i get past this and start the program, i have tried downloading it various times and even took the pc back to a restore point but this program will not work any more?? Can anybody help me......pleeease?.

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    Unhappy-2 files so big????

    Hi guys,
    not to worry i sorted it out with a better version of dvd flick with better video effects, the problem i have now is when i convert a video film of 700mb it ends up after conversion at 4gigs, when i load this into imgburn the file is to big for dvd(very big) and i cant figure out why, this happened before but seemed to correct itself but then the sound was out of sync(very fast) how do i sort this out and the sound??? Can any wise master help this simple sole, pleeeease, all the best C,hed.

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