I've been using Windows Vista as my primary OS and in the past, I was able to use AutoGK to encode .vob files into .avi files with no problems in playback in either the audio or video department.

Well, it's been months since I've converted any DVD files into .avi using AutoGK, and sure enough, now that I *actually* need to use it, it's not working properly...at least I think.

What happens is that I will have a .vob file, and I make all the correct, standard settings for .avi conversion. When I go to play back the file, what will happen is that the video will run EXTREMELY slowly. I'm talking like 5kbps or slower, so it's practically frame by frame. The audio...well, how to describe the audio? The audio is so slow, you'd think it was nonexistent. It's very slow, and the voices are very deep, like you'd taken a .wav file in Sound Recorder and slowed it down. Also, the volume drops down to just about nothing.

This never used to happen before, and now it's happening all the time when I want to make conversions. I'm just seriously doubting it's AutoGK, because it always worked in the past with no problems. Could it be Vista, or some setting under Vista, that is interfering? If this problem gets any more ridiculous, I'm just going to reformat the hard drive (which needs to happen anyway, so don't jump down my throat about that).

Any kind of help would be appreciated. As a note, the media players I've tried using are Winamp and Windows Media Player, and the codec I use to encode is Xvid (which is updated to its latest version). The computer seems to utilize ffdshow as its playback codec, especially when WMP is running. I hate VLC with a passion, so please don't suggest using that player.

Thanks to all who may be able to help!