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Thread: Toshiba Shows Smarter DVD Player

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    Default Toshiba Shows Smarter DVD Player

    Do home theater buffs need this product? It's certainly no substitute for the true high-def picture of Blu-ray (or HD DVD, for that matter). But if you've got a small high-def-capable bedroom set, say a 32-incher, and don't want to shell out for a Blu-ray player in every room of the house, this product might be a viable option. The price is $149.99—more than a cheap DVD player, but a lot less than entry-level Blu-ray models at $399—and the product will ship next week.

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    I hope this is the same DVD player from the link posted above

    Great, here we go again. OK, first, I have to state that I do not believe that this laptop is doing SRT. Merely upscaling which any tv can do. Why? Remember back in early summer (Actually it was CES 2008 in January) when Toshiba revealed the prototype for this laptop and showed off all the whizz bang gadgets including the motion control? No? I do. They stated that the laptop would do regular upscaling on the fly and that SRT was possible, but not real time. The guy in the video even stated that this laptop will reduce the SRT time from 15 hours (again actually it was 24 hours) per hour of video to 3 hours per hour of video. Toshiba stated that, not me. That was with the Intel processor and the SpursEngine. The demo he showed with the flamingos was processed before hand and he stated that it was "not" real time.

    If you do want to believe me, that's ok, I won't blame you. I'm just saying, we've seen people mish mashing articles together for the last few months to come up with something that is vaguely reminiscent of truth. I don't believe this one anymore than any of the others. To me, unless someone says without question this laptop is doing SRT processing real-time, I don't believe it.

    That brings me to the second point. Considering the statement from Toshiba that they were in the process of creating a system that would reduce SRT from 24 hours to 3 hours and that was an amazing feat, I think this laptop is bogging down just trying to do regular upscaling honestly. That's my 2 cents, you all can go back to beating each other up.

    Took me forever, but I finally re-tracked down the video from CES 2008. January this year. Cnet took a look at the then prototype Qosmio with the brand new (at the time) SpurEngine BE. There were 4 demos running. One of them was the SRT upscaling demo.

    Here is the exact quote from the article:

    "Toshiba had four demos running, the first of which transformed standard-definition video into 1080p. This takes any grubby-looking 640x480-pixel video -- of the sort you might record with a mobile phone or digital camera -- applies some hardcore image processing, and spits it out a few hours later as full 1080p. The effect was extremely impressive, and proves that you can, to some extent, polish a turd. Toshiba says it's possible to do this using an ordinary Intel Core processor, but the Spurs system speeds things up considerably -- what would take 24 hours with an ordinary laptop can be done in just three hours with the aid of Spurs. Stop sniggering, Arsenal fans."
    Here is the link:,39...9295004,00.htm

    Please pay very close attention to 1:53 of the video where the reporter asks, "Is it all done in real time? ..." and the Toshiba rep responds, "This particular demo is not real time. It takes approximately 3 hours to process one hour of video."

    I mistakenly thought it was 15 hours to do the same, but it is actally 24 hours without the SpurEngine.

    The implication here is that the user can choose the level of processing. The lowest level is simple upconverting as any available upconverter and most TV's can do. Any thing more and you lose real-time and gain resolution. That makes 100% sense. It also means that real-time SRT is still not here and will be a while since this is as quantum leap forward over any other system.

    I won't say SRT is vaporware because I believe it will happen. But at the least it is still dreamware.

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