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Thread: encoder DLL de XvID not found finish yes

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    Wink-2 encoder DLL de XvID not found finish yes

    I am try to put subtitles with DivXLand Media Subtitler.

    The problem is that it say:
    The encoder DLL de XvID noot found...
    download it to now?
    and open
    and the XviD Codec link go to:
    page not found....

    finished i find it in
    ya run it good!!

    (in spanish)
    Estoy intentando incrustar subtitulos con el DivXLand Media Subtitler.

    El problema es que me dice que
    El encoder DLL de XvID no se encontro ┐Desea descargar el codec XvID completo desde ahora?
    Lo cual me lleva a:
    Y el link de XviD Codec
    me lleva a:
    Page not found...

    instalo el de:
    me pide que envie un sms a 5333!!.

    he descargado tb un pero que no tiene ningun exe
    tiene varias carpetas y archivos...

    al final he descargado el
    me dice que no es una aplicacion win32valida.

    lo he descargado desde aqui:

    al final instalando el de
    ya funciona lo de incrustar subtitulos

    solo comentar que si alguien de lee esto y puede corregir el link, pues sin mas.

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    Default encoder DLL de XvID not found finish yes

    Here are the step to take to embed subtitles using DivixLand and VirtualDub.

    First download DivixLand.

    Second download VirtualDub1.6.14

    Third download Subtitler.

    Now download XviD codec 1.2.2

    Now is the you install every thing. Install DivixLand. Create a folder for VirtualDub and extract it to that folder. Third extract subtitler to the plugins folder inside VirtualDub. Now install XviD.

    Open DivixLand go to file open video that you what to embed subtitles on. Now go to file again and goto open text or subtitles. You do this if you already have the subtitle file. You're going to save as sub alpha. Now you going to go in file one more time and embed subtitles.

    This should do the trick. It took me some time to get everything to workout but I got it.

    If anyone has any questions feel free to email me. Make sure you put a subject down, if there isn't one I will just delete the message.

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