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Thread: DV HD camcorder to pinnacle 10...........

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    Default DV HD camcorder to pinnacle 10...........

    Is there any way of mantaining video quality when transfering form a camera hard drive to pinnacle for editing and rendering? I tried a new hard drive type video camera the other day and as I like to edit home movies, tried to do just that. Playback on my tv was terrible. No where near the clearity of mini-dv camcorder. I'm told it has something to do with compression at the hard drive capture stage. If there a way to render a hard drive camera recording and hold it's original visual quality?

    Sorry if this is an old topic.....I am brand new here.

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    please clear this up first....
    what kind of camera u have?
    mini dv doesnt use harddisk. u either have a mini dv camera. or a harddisk based camera...

    u can maintain the quality of harddisk based camera after editing...
    but u can never get same quality as mini dv after u encode to other format... like mpeg2 for dvd.

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