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Thread: REQ: HELP on Wierd Divx movie -> .mpg PLEASE

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    Default REQ: HELP on Wierd Divx movie -> .mpg PLEASE

    There is a real challenge for the "pro" on video editing:
    I got a divx movie (Tom@Jerry) with the following parameters:

    Frames/sec - 23.976
    Video codec - div3
    Audio sample rate - 48000s/sec
    bits per sample - 0
    channels - 2
    bitrate - 140168

    I can watch it without problems with any player, but I'm trying to convert it to SVCD, - well I cannot do it with any proggie.
    On Prem6 it looks that it has no Audio at all. Ulead video studio 6 gives me sound for 50 minutes from 82 minutes of the movie and then stops - without any syncronization.
    I even cannot deinterlace audio/ use.
    I don't know the div3 codec...and I'll be very thankful for helping or any ideas... maybe to record the audio separate (How to do it? with which proggie ?)...or any other idea...


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    TMPGenc should solve your problem.

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