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Thread: Prince of Persia Lets Its DRM Guard Down

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    Default Prince of Persia Lets Its DRM Guard Down

    The new Prince of Persia game will lack the severe anti-piracy security measures featured by other games to the annoyance and fury of users. According to Shacknews, Ubisoft employee Chris Easton revealed on the company’s forum that retail copies of the game will be DRM-free. The company’s decision is somewhat surprising, as many of its greatest games (i.e. Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2) were launched with DRM. So should we rejoice?

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    In other words, Ubisoft may have decided to launch the game without DRM just so they could later prove to the users that no DRM means heavy pirating and that the company was right, and the consumers, wrong.

    I can see what Ubisoft is doing here. If people still pirate PoP, then they can claim it's not DRM that's causing piracy. If people do a reverse protest and buy PoP to prove that no DRM is a good thing, Ubisoft makes more money.

    I don't believe that DRM causes piracy. I also don't believe DRM stops or even hinders piracy. The only purpose it serves is to annoy legitimate customers who are forced to pop in the DVD in every time they want to play, versus pirated versions that don't need the original disc.

    What Ubisoft should be doing is talking to their own customers about their DRM experiences, and determine for themselves whether it is worth it to antagonize their paying users while pay the licensing fee for the DRM that doesn't stop piracy.

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    I think DRM does actually cause piracy... because everyone I know who bought Spore got pissed off and just pirated it. I also think it's incredibly high prices that cause piracy Why should we pay $50 for a game? Maybe if it was like $10 people would buy it...

    And we all know CD-Rs are less than a $0.25 each. Do the companies really need THAT MUCH profit?
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