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Thread: Sync problems

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    Default Sync problems

    I am using build 726, and my DVDs have sync problems. They start out OK, but then get farther and farther out. If I stop playing the DVD and restart, the sync returns (but then then quickly gets out again).

    Any ideas?

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    The majority of the audio/video sync issues are resolved by marking the radio button to 'ignore avi offsets'. An AVI is not a file, it's a wrapper, and they all have offset times set in ms in there. While the file works for playback as an AVI just fine, when encoded the encoder will try to 'live by' those offsets and they result in an out of sync finished product on DVD.

    It took me a coaster to find out about ignoring offsets, it fixed most of the issues. As I give this tip around the net on forums I find many people have their issues resolved. When you have... say an AVI loaded in DVDFlick, choose 'edit title' in the upper right, click on 'audio tracks'. then highlight the track or tracks one by one and choose 'edit' to the right. Put a check in the box for 'Ignore audio delay for this track' on each and every audio track. That tells DVDFlick to ignore the AVI offsets and sync the video/audio up on it's own terms. This resolves most if not all of the problems.

    So try that. Hope that helps.

    Your issue sounds like a classic case of an offset that kept growing during the sync in encoding.

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