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Thread: RealDVD Maker Confident of Beating MPAA

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    Default RealDVD Maker Confident of Beating MPAA

    RealNetworks says people will be able to use the software to backup DVDs, just not now.

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    In an interview with reporters at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Glaser said he expects that his company will win its case against the MPAA.

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    Like I posted yesterday or before. There's a loop hole in everything. Let me tell you that if this software is available and actually does what it says it's worth it. An exact copy. Man the possibilities are endless once it's on your hd.

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    The possibilities actually aren't endless, because they'll put more DRM on those things than ... oh I can't think of an example, even existing programs use less.

    This program strikes me as nice simply because it's showing the MPAA they can't keep people from backing up their DVDs, but it also seems impractical because of the whole DRM thing.
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