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Thread: Panasonic Deck Combines VHS with Blu-ray

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    Default Panasonic Deck Combines VHS with Blu-ray

    Combining Blu-ray with VHS tapes seems, well, wrong. But many of still have cherished cassettes. So Panasonic thinks there is a market for a combo Blu-ray and VHS player.

    It does seem a weird combination.

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    If they never upgraded to DVD because they cherished VHS, what makes them think they will upgrade to Blu-ray?

    Thats like having a 8 track / CD player

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmet View Post
    Thats like having a 8 track / CD player
    Now that would be sweet!!

    Hmmm... Ouch $450.00 List??

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    What a waste of R&D money beside what retard at Panasonic devloped the idea. I would like his job and get paid for dumb ideas. Hey Jmet long time no see.
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    They should have put a VHS recorder in it, not just a player. That way the general public would find out what copy protection is all about when they tried to record their Blu-rayĺs to tape.
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    I tried getting anything for my panasonic vhs player a couple of mos. ago. Guy gave me that where you've been look at the pawn shop. I said wth, sometimes I come across some flic that I record to DVD. Last one was The Car. Pretty good. My mom's 75th b-day is on vhs. I think I'll do her the favor then take it along w/my complementary cable box and give them a great farewell.

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