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Thread: Blu Ray Playback fine DVD playback not

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    Default Blu Ray Playback fine DVD playback not

    When playing DVDs my Pioneer BDC-202 spins very quickly, all I can hear is the drive wirring away. The actual movie plays ok no problem.

    Blu Ray discs play spot on - quiet(ish) drive.

    I've updated the firmware to the latest version from the Pioneer website but this has not changed the issue.

    Was wondering if anyone else had seen and fixed this or should I try to return the drive under warranty?

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    Seems to be a known problem with the model. Pioneer has a quiet drive utility, but not for this model so waiting for a firmware update might be what's required.

    You could try third party utilities such as CDBRemse or Nero DriveSpeed, which some have had some success with (but you might still get the occasional whirl as the drive spins up).

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    Nice one thanks, it has calmed things down somewhat.
    Strange though it seems to be a desktop application tht has a permanent effect. I cannot find it running but its doing the business.

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