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Thread: Vudu to Sell Permanent HD Downloads

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    Default Vudu to Sell Permanent HD Downloads

    The $149 Vudu set-top enables users to download movies over a high-speed Internet connection. The box, which can also store movies, offers more than 13,000 movies and shows, including more than 1,000 HDTV selections.

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    Starting with today's offering of the Oscar-winning documentary, Man on Wire, Vudu will permit users to keep high-def films on the set-top. Additionally, a Vudu owner will be able to delete the movie but retrieve it again from Vudu's server for free at a later time.

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    Great. I'm getting closer to a alternative format. So, the internet downloads andHDTV are from separate connections correct? I mean 1 is DSL, and the other from cable provider? Thnx.

    What exactly by permanent do they mean? Permanently on their box? They'll sell you the download but where can you store it besides their box if you can at all? Thnx.

    @ doc Yes, it's a excellent price.
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    That is not a bad price for life time of HD programming downloads.
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