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Thread: Sony, Partners Try to Establish New Blu-ray Fees

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    Default Sony, Partners Try to Establish New Blu-ray Fees

    Panasonic, Philips and Sony said Wednesday that the companies are trying to establish a one-stop shop for Blu-ray patent licensing.

    The license, which will cover essential patents for Blu-ray Disc, as well as DVDs and CDs, will be introduced in the middle of this year, the companies said in a press release. It will be overseen by an as-yet unnamed licensing company based in the U.S., and headed up by Gerald Rosenthal, the former head of intellectual property at IBM.,2817,2341716,00.asp

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    9 companies involved in Blu-ray and Sony just posted a billion dollar loss this past year. Am I missing something here because the math doesn't add up. There has to be some split among the 9 via revenues regarding at least the discs/players/recorders. Sony's stuck w/the PS3 and everything w/it.

    This is getting better by the day. 9 of the most influential companies in hi-def and anything else bought into this whole Blu-ray revolution and this is where it stands as of today?

    Anyone out the loop is just waiting for the right time to come and cash in w/something new whether a alternative or not.

    Lil relation here, but how much are they estimating to save on ripping out the Blu-ray function in their PS3's anyway? They're losing $$$ now, so manufacturing a whole new cosole doesn't even make sense. That's really a gamble.

    Take the suggestions and follow the directions. The results will speak for themselves.

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