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Thread: Convert .dvr-ms file to mpg 2

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    Default Convert .dvr-ms file to mpg 2

    This problem just started. I would use DVRMSToolbox to convert my large Media Center file .dvr-ms to mpg2 so I could demux and author to DVD files. Now all my recorded movies from my satelite dish will error out after 3 seconds when run through DVRMSToolbox, I tried Super and it stops at 80mbs just as the movie starts, same with AVIdemux.

    I want to burn the files to a DVD-RW so i can watch at a later time. Is there any program out there that will work?

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    I bought a DVD and VHS combo recorder. I have my sat box hooked up to the combo and record the stuff onto a DVD. It is very easy to do.
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