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Thread: BBC HD copy protection: Abject failure

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    Default BBC HD copy protection: Abject failure

    BBC HD uses a method of protecting content that's very similar to managed copy -- a feature that allows you to copy content a proscribed number of times from a Blu-ray disc to use on another device.

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    Anyone with a computer, a DVB-S capture card and a tiny amount of cunning can take the BBC's broadcasts, save them to a computer and distribute them using any method they like.,00.htm

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    Ew, I don't quite see the point of copy-protected FTA programs...

    Time shifting is legal, why would you need to restrict what people do with the shows? Things like HBO are one thing - BBC is free (sorta, I know people in the UK have to pay a TV license that basically covers BBC's costs)

    I like having the ability to use TSReader and an antenna to get 720p/1080i title stream rips of our local stations.
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