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Thread: Womble MPEG Video Wizard - Basic Video Editing Guide - Discussion Thread

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    Default Womble MPEG Video Wizard - Basic Video Editing Guide - Discussion Thread

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    is everything!


    Although the UI takes a bit of getting used to, if you need to do finicky jobs at the single frame level, including full editing of AC3 files, fixing non-compliant elementary streams (in a single click!) and real kooky 2D and 3D effects like blending (again in a single click), I strongly recommend that you buy Womble MPEG DVD. This is real value at US$49.

    I am very glad we are supporting this product and have opened a new subforum dedicated to Womble products.

    To the folks at Womble - do you plan to support muxing of subtitle files (SUP format)? That is the only thing lacking from the MPEG DVD Editor, in my opinion.


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