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Thread: First Managed Copy Blu-ray's Released

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    Default First Managed Copy Blu-ray's Released

    Today sees the first set of Blu-ray movies that support Managed Copy. While we won't actually see how MC works until the end of March next year, three newly released discs from Scenic Labs, 'The Classic Fireplace', 'Coral Reef Aquarium' and 'Journey through Space', have now become the first discs to support MC.

    Jason Rosenfeld, the founder and managing partner of Scenic Labs, had this to say about the introduction of Managed Copy:

    We strongly support managed copy because we believe that, in some cases, our products will work even better when played off of a hard drive, a solid-state drive, a portable device, or a home theater hub. The delay in the live date (March 31, 2010) of managed copy by AACS-LA does not impact our customers because there are currently no Blu-ray players that support the feature. We just wanted to be ready when they do. In fact, we had to take a leap of faith that when managed copy players are finally released, the final published spec will not have changed.
    Jason Rosenfeld also stated Scenic Lab's desire to offer Managed Copy at no extra cost, although he was unsure whether transaction fees might be required by the AACS.


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    Seems kinda a waste to me, if it won't be useable until March 2010. And really, storing virtual aquariums on your Blu-Ray player, isn't that what those free Windows screensavers are for?
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