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Thread: "BL0W" Needed for Atapi ihas124-19 Y please, urgent.

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    Default "BL0W" Needed for Atapi ihas124-19 Y please, urgent.

    Please help argh!

    I also have the Atapi ihas124-19 Y which I purchased yesterday... and also maybe ruined yesterday....

    Original firmware for me was "BL0W". I followed Prime2515102 link to upgrade to "BL0X"

    For some reason my pc screen froze, I even waited 30 minutes as I know it's bad to restart during a firmware flash, obviously. Upon restart I tried to install "bl0x" again but found my atapi ihas124 y no longer works, light flashing constantly on the drive. Firmware is now "0L0Z" On the flash program (v2.2.85) I get the "It will be updated from 0L0Z to BL0X" I click update.........

    Error screen comes up "Unable to flash firmware. Please contact with your vendor! "

    Any idea's please folks?

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    Based on my experience is that when the green lamp is blinking the burner is gone.

    There might be a way to save it by flashing it in DOS. Instructions for that you should be able to find in this FAQ.

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    One thing to do is get an uninteruptable power supply, that way if there is any power problems it will not effect the flashing of the bios. I have flashed many bios chips to date, and I have not bricked any devices yet. That is the number one thing that will corrupt a bios being flashed.
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    See for the BLOW firmware and how to install it to restore the burner to original condition.

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