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Thread: Need a program to make DVDs?

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    Default Need a program to make DVDs?

    I would like the name of a program or two that has more funtions than my current program DVD flick.
    Heres what I do: I take my DVD tv season episodes and extract them to indivicual AVI files. I then create a new image and make that my menu backgound with DVD Flick. Unfortunalty DVD flicks menus, are not quality, they show up on the created DVD looking pixeled, not quality at all. I have tried SuperDVD creator and Ulead Movie Factory, but instead of the 5 .AVI (50 min files) I can fit on a disk using DVD flick, I can only put maybe 2 episodes on a DVD using the SuperDVD creator or Ulead. To sum up, Does anyone know of a program that offers the ability to create your own menus from custom created images (that look like quality) and has the ability to compress the files to fit on a Standard DVD disk? I am also open to suggestions on what I can do to compress the avi files in order to use Ulead or SuperDVD Creator. Thank in advance

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    I would suggest getting a stand-alone DVD player that can play avi/divx files. Then you would not have to encode to DVD. Just burn a data disc using Imgburn that has the .avi files on it. Most players that play .avi have a built-in menu thingy to select the .avi to play. This has the added benefit that you should be able to fit about twice as many episodes on a DVD since .avi can typically match the quality of .vob using only about 1/2 the bit rate.

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