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Thread: DVD Writing Issue.

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    Default DVD Writing Issue.

    Dear All,
    Recently I have downloaded "BBC Life" collection from internet.
    These are 10 files of 1.5 GB each having .MKV extension.
    My Mitashi VO 2511 DVD Player does not support .mkv extension.
    It supports .avi and .mpg files.
    I have tried converting one file to .avi and .mpg but the output files are less in size than original file
    and they are not as clear as that of original one.
    So what I have done is using AVS Video Converter I have converted each file to DVD format using DVD NTSC SP profile.
    Now the output files are of 2 GB (one folder for each file having about 5 files) each and are good in quality.
    How to burn these files on 4.7 GB DVD?
    The DVD burning procedure support only one folder at a time as tried in Nero.
    Is there any way so that I can burn 2 folders of 2 GB each having same strucutre on one DVD of 4.7 GB?
    I tried converting VOB files of second folder from VTS_01_1.VOB to VTS_01_4.VOB but it wont work in Nero.
    In CyberLink PowerProducer it takes files for buring but the total size of DVD required is of about 7GB.
    What I have to do? Is there any alternative solution to view .MKV files in DVD player?
    Thanks in advance.


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    Default dvd

    Re last 2 lines of your post. Get an 8.5 gb dual layer disc and burn to that with IMGburn (free)

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    I burnt a movie to DVD and cannot play it on any other player only on my computer
    Pat Hulbert

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