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Thread: Question on 1080p video

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    Default Question on 1080p video

    I have a media server that plays all my movies and tv series. I'm having issues with especially 1080p files being choppy and/or the sound being out of sync with the video. I have the choppy issue also with very detailed 720P files ( like the ultra wide migratory bird shot in Planet Earth)
    The media server is a Core 2 Quad with 4 GB of memory.
    The video files reside on a bunch of 1TB (internal) SATA drives.
    My video card is a GeForce 8600GT with 512MB of memory.

    I'm thinking that getting a beefier video card may solve the problem. I've seen a GeForce GT220 with 1GB on Newegg for 50 bucks after MIR.

    What do you guys think, will this solve my issues??

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    i doubt that you need to update an 8600 for this kind of job as it supports dxva and should be able to handle the material

    i think your playback software/decoder does not make use of dxva so make sure to make it run properly or even the latest vga wont help

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