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Thread: Pirate versus Pay Illustrated

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    Default Pirate versus Pay Illustrated

    Someone sent this to me via email.

    Someone should do one in regards to PC game DRM as well.
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    I hate those "upcoming trailers". Who want to see those trailers after some years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cynthia View Post
    I hate those "upcoming trailers". Who want to see those trailers after some years?
    They're especially bad when you put a movie in for the kid's.

    They forget what movie they were going to watch and want all the previewed ones as it goes.

    That's a whole new perspective.

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    not only when they are out-of-date they are a pita

    i really hate it when i cannot use "skip" to jump forward and i consider it a plain and simple annoyance

    certain labels have switched their blu-ray authoring to start the main movie directly and only when you press certain menu buttons will you get to see other stuff that's on the disc
    but still there are titles where my patience wears thin waiting for the main menu to start after countless stupid trailers and warning messages

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