Hey Everyone,

I graduated from college with a degree in film and photography. I've spent the last year starting up and managing my own video production company back in my home town. And while business is good and I enjoy the work, I feel that at some point I would like to move on to larger projects that will have wide releases and more social engagement.

I'm unsure where my niche might be in a production environment. So far I've found I enjoy the camera and editing departments the most. I thought I would do an evaluation of my strengths, preferences, and personality and see if you all had any recommendations on what sorts of positions related to visual arts might fit what I'm looking for. I'm really hoping for a wide range of responses, so please don't hold back any recommendations, even if the job isn't related to visual arts / video / photography at all.

Obviously nothing is going to come close to fitting all of these preferences, or play to even a majority of what I would consider my strengths. But knowing it's an over idealized list I would still love to hear your opinions on the types of jobs that came into your mind as you read through. Please also ignore the job market, how rare the position is, or how many years experience would be required, as im more trying to get an idea of where i would like to aim for in the future and not my current odds. Thanks!


Personality: Theoretical, conceptualist, perfectionist, critical, independent (need some level of autonomy), driven to acquire knowledge / make sense of topics im interested in, dont like large groups of people.

Strengths: Aesthetic sensitivity, very visual learner, imagination, critiquing / helpful feedback, global concepts, systems oriented, organized, good at assessing benefits & flaws of possible strategies and designing creative solutions, graphic design, ability to examine issues objectively, high standards, strong work ethic, attention to detail, noticing patterns and deriving meaning.

Preferences: Intellectual environment, theoretical & intellectual challenges, variety of projects / topics, opportunity to generate ideas.


Here's some additional info I got from a personality test that I think is very accurate about the type of job I would like to have:

"prefer work that makes use of their ability to see inner meanings, implications, and possibilities. it's important to them to find a way of expressing their perceptions. their unique, inner vision of how things could be must be translated into reality."

1. lets them create and develop original and innovative solutions to problems to improve existing systems.

2. lets them work with other conscientious people whose expertise, intelligence, and competence they respect.

3. gives them credit for their original ideas and lets them maintain authorship and control over there execution.

4. allows them to work independently but with periodic interaction with a small group of intellectual people within a smooth running environment free of squabbles.


Let me know what comes to mind, Thanks again!

- Shawn