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Thread: Need help with DVD Shrink

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    Default Need help with DVD Shrink

    I have had more than one person show me DVD Shrink, and think it is great. The problem comes in me trying to use it. I have downloaded it and installed it several times. WhenI get to the burn stage, I get a message that I need to insall Nero before I can burn a DVF. I understand that. The thing is, though, that I had a registered copy of Nero 6 on my computer when I first downloaded DVD Shrink. Since that time, I have purchased Nero 7, and now Nero 9.......and all I have ever gotten is the message that I need to install Nero in order to burn a DVD. I must have installed Nero 20 times in the last five years....and installed it cleanly on new computers. IfI had not had four people show me how well DVD Shrink works, I would think it is a spurious program, but I have seen some impressive demonstrations of DVD Shrink in action. Anyone have any ideas? I have not been able to find a place where I can tell DVD Shrink where Nero is on my computer.

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