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Thread: Don't know where to start

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    Default Don't know where to start

    I am new and looked thru the tips and guides but didn't find any help. I just bought an Iomega screenplay video player and want to fill it with movies. I started transferring movies to it using DVD Shrink think it would reduce the size to around 1g and with it having a 500g drive i could get about 400 to 500 movies on it. At about 200 movies i checked and it was almost full. i checked the size of some and many were 4 to 5g each. is there any way to get them smaller so they will still play on the media player. Iomega support said the files should be about 1G each, but i can not get them nearly that small.

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    you picked the wrong tool and the wrong format for video files of ~1GB

    convert to avi or mkv with tools like mediacoder or super or handbrake

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