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Thread: DVD shrink out of memory msg

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    Question-2 DVD shrink out of memory msg

    Hi, trying to shrink down some movies using DVD Shrink. When it gets to about 90% done, an error window pops up saying this Shrink is out of memory. My cpu hard drive and RAM is sufficient. So i must be missing something obvious. Pleas advise. Thanks.

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    I'd post a recent thread and a link here but I can't because I haven't posted enough messages to use links.

    So look up the posts I've sent via my usernames statistics page and the thread titled 'Hi, please help ' which was started on 20th March this year.

    Apart from that is it doing the same thing for all your films or just the long ones? Perhaps you need to remove extra languages and subtitles (plus extra), so the programme can compress the film enough?

    Also check your DVD Shrink settings to make sure it's using the default settings.

    If you still have no luck then go to the videohelp forum to ask for help, because for some odd reason their not allowed to discuss DVD Shrink here now.

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