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    Default Resizing Ratio

    Hi total noob here and i was wondering when i download an avi file and play it on my Toshiba Dvd player it plays in a small rectangle box i can zoom it at a loss of quality or i can change the video to play in width,height,auto,pan scan, or original.

    Now when its on the original this is when the smaller rectangle box comes up on the screen and i was wondering if there was a way i can say change this to 16:9 when i am trying to burn it to a cd or dvd so it plays on 16:9 when i load the dvd.
    I tried using a program called MPEG4 modifier and when i use it and set it to 16:9 it does play in that ratio on VLC player and Windows media player but on my Toshiba dvd player it still uses the small rectangle screen within the Tv Screen when it's set at original on the Toshiba Video menu.

    Also if i converted the file that i changed using MPEG4 MODIFIER from avi to dvd using convert x to dvd would that still play in the same format ie the small rectangle screen on my Tv Screen or is there any other way of resizing the ratio so that when i burn to cd/dvd it shows up on the Tv Screen as 16:9 when i play it through the stand alone Toshiba dvd player.

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    I would try using AviDemux 2.4. Slice off a small section of the .avi and save it. Then convert it to DVD using DVD Flick making sure to set the output as 16x9 anamorphic.

    Burn the test DVD on an erasable disc if you have them to test it in your DVD player.
    If that works, convert the entire video.

    If that's no good then you should post the video file info as shown by MediaInfo and details about your TV.

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