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Thread: Nero Vision 7 Burning Error

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    Default Nero Vision 7 Burning Error

    Hello. I tried researching online on how to properly read these Nero error logs, but I still can't figure out which area is screwing me over. I've used Nero before and had successful burns for video...until last year it just stopped working. I stopped using Nero because I read that people gave up on it and used other programs. I've used DVD Flick (by far the MOST time consuming in creating a DVD). I've also used ConvertXtoDVD and it seems to be the most easiest but not as fast as Nero. I want to get back on Nero as it is also the easiest AND fastest to encode and burn with everything looking perfect. So I am hoping this is the forum to get some help on this issue. I will post the error logs on the next few posts after this. If you can help me out on this, much will be appreciated.

    EDIT: Just added the text file instead of double posting and spamming this thread up. As of now it's waiting for approval.
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