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Thread: What is a normal temperature for a cpu

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    Default What is a normal temperature for a cpu

    What is a normal temperature for a cpu and inside the case? My cpu will get up to about 50.c when playing crysis the system gets up to about 42.c,idle the cpu is about 43.c, my machine is overclocked and i am in thailand so its very hot,its never given any problem i am just curious.

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    there is no such thing as "normal temperature" - it very much depends on your type of cpu!

    50░C does not at all sound critical to me so dont worry but you may want to give us the precise name/type of YOUR cpu

    you may find max. temperatures of 70░C for certain processors to still be ok.

    but of course one should also try to add additional cooling fans if possible when a machine is overclocked or when you live in parets of the world with high average temps.

    have you done so already or taken this into consideration?

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    Have you ever tried cooling pads or similar devices? They can be really helpful and will prevent the CPU from getting too hot although I would also say that 50 degree celsius is okay, shouldn't make any problems.

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    You can try the home pages of the CPU manufacturers for specs. Often it will have normal operating ranges and the temperature of the 'halt' threshold if it has built in shutdown safety.

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