I used DIVX Media Subtitler for a while on Windows XP. It worked fine, although I didn't realize how much of a bast...time-consuming subtitling was.

I moved to Windows 7 this week and noticed that as soon as I open a video in this app, an almost-black (very dark brunettey-brown) strip appears where the subtitles will display.

I thought: Oh, it must be set to opaque, to show a black background behind the subtitles. OPAQUE was unchecked however. I checked it, and the almost-black strip became fully black.

I did this for a while (plus an un- and re-install) before I thought: This must be a Windows 7/Quad core/compatibility issue.

Has anyone else run into this? I don't want a black strip background on my videos because some have very occasional text. The strip there would look amateurish.

What can I do?

It's a new Dell Alienware Alien ATX PC.