having a problem with 1394 on the hc42e used to work but now doesnt only used the camcorder around 4 times from new never been abused or dropped, it works by usb fine just not 1394

now if the chip is burntout which the below sujests would the lcd display still say dv-in when you plug the 1394 in to the docking station ??

thank you

found this post by RFburns

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No iLink communication, iLink IC damaged by excessive external voltage.>>
There is no communication between the camera and the PC via the iLink connection. The iLink IC is damaged internally, and sometimes there is damage to the IC that can be seen on the top surface of the IC.
This symptom and damage are caused by excessive voltage being applied to the iLink IC from an outside source (the outside source would typically be the computer that the camera is connected to). The damage would occur when the iLink cable is connected to a 6-pin iLink connector on the computer. These 6-pin connectors on the computer have voltages of approx. 18 Vdc that do not normally appear at the 4-pin end of the cable that plugs into the camera. Following are several examples of how the excessive voltage might appear at the 4-pin end of the cable, resulting in damage to the iLink IC:
1- The 6-pin end of the cable is plugged in backwards into the computer. Once a cable is forced into the connector backwards just one time, the keying characteristic of the connector may become compromised which allows the cable to be plugged in backwards easily the next time.

2- 6-pin connector on computer may be loose internally, allowing improper contact to be made with voltage sources when the cable is plugged-in, moved, or wiggled (may be intermittent).

3- Cable has short circuit at 6-pin connector end (may be intermittent).

4- The cable may have had extra length spliced into it and the workmanship may be poor.