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Thread: Need help in deinterlacing an old VHS converted video (Sample included) ..

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    Default Need help in deinterlacing an old VHS converted video (Sample included) ..

    Hey guys .. Well I had these very old VHS videos which I thought I should convert into digital form ...

    The problem is that all the videos I converted have interlacing in them, which becomes noticeable even when there are slight movements only ..

    I have tried the built-in deinterlace filter in Virtualdub but it did not remove even a tiny bit of the interlacing ..

    One solution I found was the reduce the resolution of the video by half, and although it did remove the interlacing, it also blurs the video when I switch to fullscreen ...

    Is there any better deinterlacing method available .. ?

    I have uploaded a small 1 minute clip of one of my videos which shows some of the interlacing (only noticeable the some object moves or the camera zooms in or something .. )

    The video can be downloaded from here:

    Please note that I did do a search on Deinterlacing and did come across from 3rd party virtualdub filters for deinterlacing, but since I'm not very current with video editing jargon, and because the guides/forums posts I found were pretty old (because maybe right now there's some better method maybe), I needed to really search on my own, which is why I created this thread .. Please bear in mind that I'm not exactly well covered in video editing jargon, so please do elaborate a little bit on whatever you suggest .. Thanks!

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    What did you use to convert these VHS tapes to digital? A DVD recorder, or a capture card, or what? That determines how exactly they are interlaced.
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