Anyways, I managed to do some captures today .. Quality looks much better now ... Only one issue to report through: I'm still experiencing a little audio sync problem, although its almost negligible now ... At the beginning of the recorded video there's no sync issue ... however the sync linearly builds throughout the video and after 1:53:00 long video, the audio ends about 2 seconds before the video does .. !

I was using HuffYUV and iuVCR for the capture .. iuVCR reported about 700ms audio delay, and I found some tricks through which iuVCR tries to automatically correct this, which is does partly (the delay is removed from the start at least)

I also did the same capture twice, just to see if the sync issue repeats, which it does ..

So how can I make the audio slightly slower so that its 2 seconds longer, and ends with the video ?

Also, how can I make sure the HuffYUV is fully installed in my PC ? (because when I open a HuffYUV file in Gspot, it says codec NOT installed) ...