The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, passed way back in August of 2008, has come into effect and US colleges must now plan for combating online piracy attributed to their student body, or face losing federal student aid funding.

Once again, the US government has used its position of power to aid music labels and movie studios in their crusade against online piracy. This time, it's educational institutions that have to suffer in order to help the RIAA and MPAA's goal of retaining and increasing profits for its members.

The RIAA welcomed the decision and hailed it as an "important signal" sent by Congress to force educational institutions to "get off the sidelines and help deal with the problem".

Critics will ask why colleges must help protect the profit of RIAA and MPAA members, both of whom represent big business, and why the government felt the need to help *private* businesses by threatening *public* educational funding.