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Thread: solid state drives.....?

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    Default solid state drives.....?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my system this fall.Has anyone used one of the new SSd's? I'm interested in a real users opinion.

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    Haven't used one, but seems to me only the price and the limited capacity you get with them seems to be the disadvantages, especially with Windows 7 supporting functions like TRIM natively.

    Price has come down, capacity has increased, so things are looking up. But not all SSDs are created equal, and it's worth doing a bit of research when it comes to buying one to find which has the best read/write performance.

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    i havent got one myself yet but i, too, was thinking of using a smaller (and thus more inexpensive) 64gb ssd as a system drive as all my pc use less than 64gb for operating system and programs.

    in case you're willing to spent the money you should be rewarded in terms of starting the system as well as starting programms.

    once everything is up and running there will hardly any difference so it is a question of how a system is used.


    SandForce-based SSDs is what I'd go for btw.
    A Corsair Force F60 or OCZ Vertex 2 Extended with 60GB would be fine for me.
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