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    Default camera recommendation

    I'm looking for a digital camera for a fairly specific application and I would appreciate some input from the group.

    I want to capture high quality video of a (nearly) static scene (fluid flowing through tubes). The scene is well-lit. I care most about frame rate (I think 24 fps should be OK) and high quality of the individual images (i.e. not excessive lossy compression).

    Manual focus and manual adjustment of white balance would be nice. The individual movies will not be longer than 30 seconds (so storage is not too much of an issue). In fact, connecting directly to an external hard drive would be OK (although I don't think there are many options like this anymore).

    Budget should be $500-$1000. I own a Nikon d70 with several nice lenses, considered upgrading to d90, but I'm not sure.


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    I have shot at a hot springs before and captured stunning shots of bubbling and running water. I used a SONY DVW970P Digital Betacam. I hire the camera as it is worth over $100,000.

    Video Production Melbourne

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