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Thread: Textsub.VDF problem

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    Default Textsub.VDF problem

    hi, really new @ subbing
    and i am trying to get ,, on the video.
    but i can never get how it should be done on the video
    I usally sub with english
    but im swedish and want to sub in swedish but how can i get ,, in it?
    anyone knows?
    thank u<3

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    I'm no subtitle expert but I know where there are some:

    From a quick search you may try Subtitle Creator:

    Under Formatting Menu there should be Character Encoding to select from those available. I would guess a good approach may be to export as idx/sub and burn them into the video, but if you need selectable subs you may be better off to ask in the subtitle subforum in the first link.

    edit: this post may also be helpful:
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