It seems that, when subtitling in DIVXLand Media Subtitler, there is a synchronization problem that is only resolvable by ensuring the each start and end timing of a subtitle is a multiple of 10.

I am the noobiest guy here, but what I do is insert my video and text into DIVXLand MS, synchro the subs (), then save as SSA, open in Virtualdub, and then process from there since I can't get Virtualdub to work from withing DIVXLand MS.

So anyway, I've noticed that in the SSA file, if I have a timing say:

Start: 12345, End: 23456

they will be clipped to:

Start: 12340, End: 23450.

This makes the sync wrong at points, so I have to manually edit each timing in DIVXLand MS to ensure it is a multiple of 10. Is this just me???