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Thread: Connecting HDMI from TV to PC.

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    Default Connecting HDMI from TV to PC.

    I have a computer with an nvidia 8800gt card I am thinking I can use its dvi out capability with a dvi to hdmi converter and plug the hdmi cable directly from my card into my tv.
    Then I can watch any manner of video on my pc on my tv.

    If this is the case then I have a few other questions....
    How do I utlize windows media center ie record my fav shows and play them on any tv in the house?
    If my computer is in another room and I run hdmi cable under my house to the tv's in other rooms how can I control the windows media center using a remote control on these tv's?

    I hope these are not stupid questions...
    I live in San diego, CA and I currently subscribe to cox cable I am running windows 7 ultimate on my gaming / everything else pc which is very powerful. 8 gigs of ram dual core 2.66 intel processor etc.

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    Your remote will need to reach the IR sensor for your PC, which if it's in another room, then that could be a problem. Ideally, you would move the PC closer to the TV if you want to use it as a HTPC.

    Another solution is to get a Media Center extender device. This is a small device that can be placed near your TV and comes with its own remote. This connects to your PC via your home network, and then will be able to control Media Center on that PC (for example, you set record on the extender, and the program will be recorded on your PC - you can even watch TV via the TV tuner card on your PC, via your network, to your TV via the connected extender).

    The Xbox 360 is a media center extender device, so if you're interested in gaming as well, then it could be the best value.

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