Within the past week I have gone through three sound cards. My first sound card, a Creative Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty Pro, died suddenly after nearly two years of use. When recording video in games using any video recorder, the audio of the raw footage would be out of sync with the video. In this case the audio was faster than the video.

My second sound card was a backup sound card which I used until my new one arrived. It was a Bluegears b-enspirer, with poor quality sound and very low volume. It recorded videos perfectly in sync.

My third sound card is an HT Omega Claro Halo, which is of the same chipset as the b-enspirer. The issues with audio syncing are far worse with this sound card than they ever were even on my Creative card. The audio is several seconds faster than the video. The videos begin with no delay in sound, but as time progresses the delay between audio and video becomes much more apparent, eventually to the point where the video is unwatchable.

Can anyone advise me as to what to do? I have attempted to extract the audio in Virtualdub and use the video processing feature so that audio and video are matched but that has not resolved the problem by any means. What typically are the causes of these problems, and is it a sign of any possible defect in the sound unit itself?

I enjoy making videos, and it frustrates me a lot to think that a cheap sound card (the b-enspirer) would record videos perfectly whereas an expensive and much more desired card (my Claro Halo) barfs all over the project. Any help or advice would be appreciated.