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Thread: Lite-On IHBS112 Firmware overrun problem

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    Default Lite-On IHBS112 Firmware overrun problem

    I create Blu Ray disc with Corel MovieFactory V7 Pro. My BD Writer is a Lite-On IHBS112.
    I meet a problem : the Underrun possibility is detected and proposed when no disc or standard DVD is mounted, but if I mount a BD-RE or BD-R the choice of Underrun protection is not possible, the line proposing this choice becomes a shadow line, and field to select is cleared.
    After uninstalling all softwares concerned and intalling only this one, the problem persists.
    So, I suspect the Lite-On IHBS112 Writer. But there is no official new
    firmware proposed by Lite-On Corp. or propose new firmwares for this Writer, but I don't know the status of them, if there is a risk to use them, if LiteOn Agrees.

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    The ones on Firmware HQ *are* official ones from LiteOn's servers.

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