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Thread: A problem getting AVCHD quality and sound

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    Default A problem getting AVCHD quality and sound

    Hi everyone, I have Sony vegas platinum and DVD architect ver 5.0
    I have no problems making my movie on vegas, they look great and the sound is perfect, but when I try to burn it onto disk using DVD architect there is no sound.
    I have lots of combinations but either get sound and jerky picture or perfect picture and no souind.
    Anybody got any ideas?

    Thanks Chrismin

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    You are saying that the Sony Vegas output material looks fine, correct?

    So the question is: how could you circumvent the DVD Architect procedure?

    What file(s) does Vegas give you (extension of file and foldernames?) and how big is it?

    I'd say you will simply have to use Imgburn with your Vegas output, but let's hear some details first.

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    what i need is alarm system

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