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Thread: sony player ns601hp

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    Default sony player ns601hp

    This is an inexpensive player but works fine for my purposes. In any case, I run into a issue that puzzles me. If will not power-on with the hdmi cable connected. Without the cable connect...powers up fine! I find this to be really odd but thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone else perhaps might have had a similar problem.

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    Is the TV powered up when this happens? I have a WD HDTV for USB set top box that sometimes does the same thing. I don't have to unplug the HDMI, but the TV has to be on before I power the box on, or it will just shut off.

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    Default re: sony player

    That's a good thought but no the projector is not powered up in fact it is powered separately. It's a very strange occurrence since I tried plugging and unplugging the hdmi cable at the back of the player and each time it powers (without the cable) and doesn't power-on with it plugged in. Very bizarre!

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    Sounds like an issue with HDMI CEC, which allows control codes to be sent over HDMI, so you can control HDMI linked equipment using a single remote control (and also switching to the source on the TV will automatically turn on/off the CEC connected device).

    Maybe this page will help:

    Probably turn off all the CEC related features and see if it helps.

    From what I understand, HDMI CEC shouldn't really prevent you from starting the player. There is also an issue with copy protection/HDMI handshake, in that if the player detects that you are not connected to a device that supports HDCP, it may only present a blank screen. It still shouldn't prevent you from starting the player though, since without HDCP, you should still be able to play home made discs.

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