Righthaven, the law firm suing bloggers and websites for only partially copying newspaper articles, has signalled their intention to retreat in at least one lawsuit - the one against prominent political forum, Democratic Underground (DU).

Righthaven says they're willing to drop the lawsuit against the forum if they aren't made to pay legal fees for the other side, which is being defended by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. With freedom of speech on the line, an issue that's very important for a political forum, and with the forum being defended by experienced lawyers from EFF, it appears Righthaven has realised this is a fight they cannot win.

And if the EFF/DU accepts the deal, Righthaven even promises to never sue again unless more than 75% of the article has been copied, as opposed to just the couple of sentences that Righthaven is suing for right now. They have already lost one case of partial copying where a Las Vegas realtor was sued for copying only 8 sentences of a 30 sentence Las Vegas Journal article.

For copyright firms like Righthaven, actually going to court, and bearing the expenses as well as the risk of losing, can become unprofitable real quick, and as such, firms have preferred to go after softer targets. Which makes Righthaven's decision to sue Democratic Underground an extremely foolish one, in hindsight.