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Thread: Looking for video card recommendations

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    Default Looking for video card recommendations


    Just finished upgrading my PC with new components. The last thing I need is a video card. Most of the reviews I read out there seem to be geared toward gaming but I'm not really a gamer.

    Mostly what I use my PC for is to transfer home movies from VHS tapes and the mini-cassette (probably not right term) tapes on my video camera to dvds. I've been using Pinnacle Studio to capture the movies. Then I manipulate them and put together DVDs. I am also getting into photography more and will be using GIMP to manipulate photos.

    The card I used before is just not cutting it with the new PC configuration. So I'm looking for recommendations. What do others use? Is it reasonable to expect to find a good card for under $150 (preferrably under $100)?

    Also, a long time ago I used to have an All-In-Wonder card but I can't find any of those anymore. Did they stop making them?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Most of the modern video cards are geared towards gaming or media playback. Most will do video capturing, but most manufacturers add this feature as an afterthought (or it's part of the reference design for the card.

    You'll still be better off getting a dedicated video capture card, they aren't very expensive these days and most will support things like MPEG-4 encoding (most do it via software, not hardware though).

    Best to do a bit of research to see which cards are the best for analogue video capture (many cards these days are designed mainly for digital capture). Pinnacle actually makes cards, the other "big" brand being Canopus in this field.

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    I bought the HIS H485FM1GH Radeon HD 4850 video card which I'm very happy with.
    Then I got the Kworld USB tuner (KW-UB435Q). That was a big mistake. It is a piece of crap. Should have read ALL the reviews on Newegg. It only picks up 3 HD channels from my cable connection even though the same cable, when connected to my HD TV, delivers 15+ HD channels and 50+ analog channels.

    So now my options are a) Do something to fix the tuner or b) get a new tuner.

    Obviously, I prefer option a) but I'm stuck on what else to try. Has anyone had any experience with that tuner stick? If not, can anyone give me any recommendations for a tuner card that will allow me to hook my cable (Time Warner is the provider) to it and watch/record TV with?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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