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Thread: US Copyright Group Now Suing 'The Expendables' Downloaders

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    Default US Copyright Group Now Suing 'The Expendables' Downloaders

    The US Copyright Group (USCG, also known as the law firm Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver), have a new set of downloaders in their targets ... people who downloaded the movie The Expendables.

    Nu Image Films has just signed up with the USCG, and one of the films that Nu Image owns is the 2010 hit, The Expendables, starring the biggest action stars of the last two (or is that three) decades.

    The Expendables was one of the most pirated films of this year, and although it did not make the eventual top 10 of pirated films, it was still the 27th most popular BitTorrent search term on one of the most popular trackers (that's out of *all* downloads, not just movies).

    Also, according to The Hollywood Reporter, USCG has been doing extensive background checks on potential defendants, preferring to go after those that are financially well off (and more willingly to pay the settlement fee) than those that are more likely to put up a stronger fight.


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    The best advise I always read [other than don't download torrent movies]
    is to " stay away from the new shiny stuff".

    new releases are too "out there in the open"........

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    6,500 "Doe's" have just been included in the "The Expendables" lawsuit:

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